Privacy Policy

Due to the GDPR I need to have a page which tells you what terrible atrocities I do to your personal data. It probably would be an overkill to copy yet another privacy policy text (especially since no one would ever read it), so let's get out my inner lawyer and phrase this bulls... relevant and important information! myself:

  1. This site runs Google Analytics (with anonymized IP adresses).
  2. To exchange highly qualified comments I'm using Disqus. See how they treat your data here.
  3. In case in you're going to send me a mail be warned: if I receive it I do in fact know your mail too. That's pretty much unavoidable.

As you can see I'm not collecting any personal data at all. This is a personal blog, I'm not making any profit of it nor do I mind about collecting personal data.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy on this blog send a mail to But don't forget about (3)!

If you don't want me to know your mail you may send something like a letter, nudes, money, gifts or whatever else to:

Kevin Hirczy
8380 Jennersdorf, Bahnhofring 44/12