Successfully survived... everything

It's been quite a while since my last post. Usually this happens if I don't know what to write about or just want to take a break (which occasionally happens during hot summer days). But this time it was a bit different.

I've had a shitload of work due to my plan to take a break in August from work (most things of my job are just awful in summer; traveling by train, non air conditioned office, etc.), for what I had to work overtime the months before. Nothing special so far, but sadly my plans got "changed" by... uhm... life.

So my plans changed from "one month holidays" to "three days holidays, a surgery and a few painful days afterwards". Still nothing too special, but not the exact thing what I've meant when I told everyone that "my August will be awesome!". But, well, I guess that's what John Lennon meant by "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

Nevertheless I've successfully survived all of these shenanigans. My todo list is somewhere near empty, my wounds have healed and I'm going back to work next monday. Due to my surgery I wasn't really productive at all the last weeks (it's pretty hard to get things done as developer if sitting hurts like hell) - but everything is okay now and I'm able to go back to my "normal life" (which includes writing blog posts and be more active on Twitter and everywhere else).

But there's still one thing I've managed to complete (honestly it was largely completed before my surgery and all I had to do was to write a readme and upload it to GitHub). It's a little playground about realtime notifications in Node (with SailsJS) and can be found here.



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