Feel free to use the contact form to write me an email. Please use the forum for any technical help.

Frequently asked questions


  • Are you open for a new position?


  • What are the benefits of memberships?
    Free members get access to comments, member-only posts, and the newsletter (read more below about that). Premium members get access to all (aka Premium) posts.
  • Can I change my membership plan?
    You can change or cancel your Premium membership at any time.
  • What are Premium posts?
    All posts are published for free for a certain amount of time. After that time they might change visibility and become Premium or members-only posts. Posts always indicate possible upcoming visibility changes right at the top, including how long they'll stay free and if they require a Premium membership after that point. Premium posts are not hidden but instead only show an excerpt for non-premium users.
  • What's the newsletter?
    Newsletters contain plain copies of newly published posts - sent the moment the post goes live.


  • What's the stack?
    Ghost 5 with a custom theme using Tailwindcss. The contact form endpoint is a very small custom made API that uses Mailgun for delivery - check out the source here. For ananoymous analytics I use Plausible (self-hosted).