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19 December, 2019

Setting up web projects

Choosing the right foundation for your project is an essential part of creating something sustainable. Let's talk about my favorite tools and conventions when it comes to setting up a new project!

15 October, 2019

Multiple HTTP Requests in Angular

Quick guide on how to do multiple HTTP requests in Angular - either sequentially or in parallel.

10 October, 2019

Building and deploying Gatsby sites with GitHub actions

A guide on how to use GitHub actions for building and deploying your static sites built with Gatsby.

02 September, 2019

Adding Commento to React Apps (like Gatsby)

A quick guide on how to embed Commento (or most self-hosted commenting systems) into your Gatsby site / React app.

06 August, 2019

5 TypeScript tips to improve your applications

TypeScript is incredibly powerful and some things may not be obvious at first. Here's a list of some tips which may be able to improve your architecture!

09 July, 2019

Creating a reading progress bar in React

How to implement a reading progress bar for your posts in React.

02 July, 2019

Authenticate against PHP applications with cURL or Postman

A quick guide on how to authenticate against PHP with cURL or Postman.

24 June, 2019

Associative PHP arrays in TypeScript

Associative PHP arrays can be kinda confusing when consumed via REST in a TypeScript apps. But by introducing a new type we could easily handle them.

18 April, 2019

Angular 7 models

An updated guide on how to implement Models in Angular 7.

02 April, 2019

Routing with TypeScript decorators for node applications

A guide on how to use TypeScript decorators to make routing in MVC frameworks (like expressjs) easier and more enjoyable.

10 February, 2019

Testing Symfony applications with PhpStorm

A guide on how to configure PhpStorm to test Symfony applications and the benefits of using the testing utilities within your IDE.

17 January, 2019

If statements without an else branch

One of the first things most developers learn when starting programming are if/else conditions - but you can actually omit the "else" branch most of the time.

14 November, 2018

Better array parameter handling in PHP

Handling array parameters in PHP can be kind of a pain. By abstracting our arrays we can simply map them to models and make our life a lot easier.

20 August, 2018

Selenium Tests with Mocha and Chai in JavaScript (against BrowserStack)

How to implement Selenium Tests with Mocha and Chai in Javascript. Bonus: testing against BrowserStack.

22 May, 2018

Polling in Angular

Frequently updating data in Angular with polling is a fairly simple thing to do - here's how.

05 February, 2018

Dependency Injection in TypeScript

Dependency Injection is a mighty technique used by many modern frameworks. Let's take a closer look on how to implement this technique in TypeScript.

27 January, 2018

Directly injecting data to Vue apps with Symfony/Twig

How to include Vue applications into your Twig templates and directly passing data from your Symfony application to it.

13 January, 2018

Downloading files from Ajax POST Requests

Downloading files from POST requests is actually a bit more complicated then it could be - here's how to do it.

07 September, 2017

Working with models in Angular

How to implement models in Angular.

03 September, 2017

Uploading files in Angular (2/4) to a REST api

A tutorial about how to upload files in Angular.

28 July, 2017

Installing Ghost 1.0 (without ghost-cli)

Ghost docs mainly explain how to install Ghost with the Ghost CLI, which requires root access. In case you don't have root access it's still pretty simple to install Ghost.

25 January, 2017

Logging events to database in Symfony

A guide on how to log events to Symfony using the Monolog logger libarary.

10 December, 2016

AngularJS with Babel in SailsJS

Using Babel with Sails enables modern features like "real" classes or inheritance. I really like these things more than exporting modules and implementing them is kinda simple.

12 May, 2016

Realtime feed with Sails, Angular and SocketIO

How to implement a realtime feed in Angular on the frontend and Sails and Socket.IO on the backend.

26 September, 2015

Livereload for SailsJS

How to livereload Sails application on file changes.