No post for about three months? Did I die? Is my girlfriend the most time consuming human being in existence? Or did I simply forget my blog URL?

Gladly, no, none of the above. I'm not dead yet, my girlfriend is not an all time consuming atrocity nor did I forget how to get here. The actual thing which held me back from writing new posts (or following any other stuff I usually do) was a project I've recently worked on: an open source Shopware plugin.

This was - by far - the most time consuming project I've ever worked on. In case you're curious what I mean by "time consuming", just take a look at some of my commits and when they've been done (while keeping in mind that I actually work in a 9 to 5 job).

I'm going to write a detailed post about this project in the upcoming months.

But first...

I'm officially having holidays for two weeks now. Wohoo!

In case you're looking for me, you're going to find me in Croatia (Dubrovnik, later Biograd), which also means I won't be doing a lot of computer related stuff at all during this time. Afterwards everything should get back to normal and I should be able to write more posts again.